Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Northern Lights

It has been quite a journey for the past year. In two days, it is the one year marking from when my dad departed earth. I am fortunate to have many happy memories of the time that I spent with him. Of the time with the Northern lights on the back porch of the cottage, sitting on the stoop and looking up at the dark night sky and seeing the beams of light bouncing back and forth.
I only wish that I could have him by my side like the times when he taught me gin rummy while I was in the hospital as a teen to the times we ran the ordinary errands while on my visits to the post office, general store and the water stations and the gas station.

While I have been to the many stations of life, I now travel some of them alone or with just my mom and my brother and his family when we get together. And I am thankful that I have friends, some of whom have already walked that journey and some of them are beginning to walk that journey.

Now I will be able to walk alongside them and give them the much needed comfort that they will indeed need.

Thanks for the great memories, Dad. Just wondering how your end of the gin game is going now. I will have to catch up to your hands and how you will have revolutionized the game of gin when we meet up again.

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