Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walking through the dusking hours

Today, I took on an adventure with my job search.
It has been a little while since I have sweated during this process. Back in July I produced a ton of sweat, waltzing my way through the town and having an experience that I have not had for a few months.

The colors of the sky increasingly sharpened towards bright oranges and yellows. With a nice and brief afterglow-one that I have experienced often while vacationing on the coast of Maine.

The adventuresome part for me was taking this small 1 mile hike off my local thoroughfare. I felt that I could take a short cut if I went a little differently from the directions that I was given by the gurus at MapQuest. They often give longer directions so I thought I outwittted them at this very moment.

As I took my supposed short cut, the sky began to darken some and I was clinging to the side of the road with my occasional hand gestures to the side to let cars know I was along the side of the road. I heard a few dogs barking nearby and was reassured by one of the neighbors that they were contained..

I briefly made out in the distance that there were sidewalks and crossed the street to find out that they soon ended. The sides of the road were slanted and were a bit hillhy,

I value having times of independence when I am in full control and don't really have to rely on anyone else for direction. When I got back on course through the detour that I took, I looked at the time and saw only 10 minutes until my meeting and I am stuck 1/2 mile from my destination. I reached out to a surrounding neighbor and told of my dilemma which brought me to my destination safely.

If only when I was a teen and reached out when I was half way to Newagen and told my parents I walked to local bookstore, but back then I was up for the challenge in the daylight.
But tis a bit harder when it is getting pitch black and the church I expected to see did not surface,
Thanks be to Him that I got the final push to my destination.

The same is to true with my walk with Jesus in that I will go for days when i am slightly lost and not tell someone. Just someone who will bring me back along my way. I often say that I will be fine when ultimately I will flounder and waste much needed time.

The valued lesson in all this is to plan better and reach out. Not to get in the middle of the swamp and flail about. But when in that swamp of life, raise your voice even in the darkness and be blessed when a car door opens and a journey can begin from someone's driveway. Better than wandering out in the wilderness and is a comfort to arrive safe and sound even while a little sweaty.

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