Saturday, January 24, 2009

I see myself as Pharoah

Many times I have read through Exodus 9 and never saw myself as the protagonist, Pharoah, as I have today. For God shows many miracles to Pharoah yet he never changed his mind of God and he hardened his heart. Ten plagues affected Egypt and the surrounding cities; yet, Pharoah did not budge an inch towards God.

It has been that way quite a bit for me lately. I am not as bad as he is portrayed to be in the scriptures. I go to church several events a week, I sing a few songs, say a few snippet prayers throughout the day and find ways to encourage others. Yet, I often feel like the timid heart that is warned in 1 Thes 5;12-15.

Lord, help me not to be like Pharoah. Soften my heart so that I may be moist and willing to receive your word so I can have blossoms of beauty and not twigs of lust, bitterness, anger, or self-pity. Let my vine be so attractive that people ask, "Why is the grove so beautiful?"

May the Peace of Jesus rest upon you and me.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

May God answer your heartfelt plea, Scott. And that you for your honesty in this post.