Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going to the Curb

For it is Christ that is within us, the Hope of Glory.
For God is that Hope and for within you are these treasures in jars of Clay. Some for noble and some for ignoble purposes. Remember in life that we serve challenging people and challenging circumstances.
We offer the world the Word of Life!!!
In our lives, we need to focus on the new creation that we are becoming!!!!

AT times in our struggles to live life to its fullest, we may feel that we are not offering all of the world what it needs. Or sometimes, we may feel that we are not fully becoming what we need to become. A lot of times, we get limited in our lives with our past sins and hurts. Plenty of stuff that we want to get rid of collection day.

For we all have garbage that we want to dump at the curb and bring new garbage cans home. For that is what confession is.
When we empty our heavy hearts to God, Jesus takes our cans and empties them. Yet, He does not leave us empty ones. But He shines them up on the inside and fills them up with His grace and goodness and gifts on the inside as well. To exchange the useless parts of ourselves with what is more useful.

So remember when you are at the curb of confession to let the beeping garbage truck pull to your curb and let The Collector of the Can remove the junk in our lives and refill our can, our holy Temple, with life-sustaining goodness.

Peace be to God.


David said...

Excellent thoughts and insights, Scott.

Thanks for seeking to address issues of the moment and communicate them in a living and relevant way....


Christine Pelfrey said...


This was a very fresh way to look at Confession. Something has been weighing on my heart lately and I always have to stop and wonder why it is I hang onto the junk as long as I do when I know He will lift it from me. Thank you for this image.