Friday, January 30, 2009

Superbowl a calling!!!

It is that time of year with the superbowl on sunday. A past time for many of our friends and family. This time however, I was reminded by a friend's u-tube post of players singing of tomorrow. It showed how a second after the super bowl all the records are brought back to a tie of everyone at 0-0.

Soon the losing teams will invest in a new stock of players and teams will become poorer on their balance sheets. Yet, they will be rich with hope that they may have a winning record and a chance to carry a Vince Lombardi Trophy high over their heads.

When I reflect back to the cross and Good Friday, the disciples and Mary were frightened for they believed that Jesus left them. But as Scriptures writers have written, "Do not be afraid", it is important to remember what followed on the heels of Good Friday. God experienced the time when He visited Hell and took on our punishment that we deserved.

What followed a few days later was a broken tomb and empty grave clothes. With a risen Saviour. To savor that moment in time. To be a witness at that moment of time in human history!!!

The apostle John was , and he wrote about his chronicles in the Gospel of John and his three letters as well.

Yet, we will also carry a trophy in the form of crowns that we will all lay down at Jesus' feet when we approach Him in heaven after our resurrection and receipt of our new bodies.

Thank you Lord for your Vince Lombardi Crowns you have given to us in your son.

So thanks again Jesus for that new season of Hope that you offer. And a productive off=season that will produce some winning teams after a few hard practices, scrimmages, and games.

The video is on youtube and is listed under "Players sing Tomorrow"

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