Friday, January 02, 2009

Going through the Wilderness in life!!!!

These times are very uncertain for many of us in life. When I turn on the news or turn the pages of the news or hear sad news of a friend losing their job, I think of the illustration that God uses in the Holy Scriptures of the desert. In life, man wanders often from point a to point b. And then sometimes back to point a. Man tries often to find a new equilibrium, a new ab line to settle at.
To be at a point where he is comfortable swinging along.

In this desert, the walk may produce the sight of an oasis, of springs of life. Of lush plants blooming. And it may produce the sight of the burning bush where God awoke Moses and got his attention.

Yet, today, the oasis may be a visit to a food bank or shelter. And the burning bush may be an encouraging email or just a hug from a friend or answered prayer. The aloe for the soul. to sooth its internal and external hurts.

This can pertain in life with the new presidential administration as President-elect Obama and his team will be making choices to guide our nation.

It almost seems like rowing his boat up a stream that has water splashing in all directions.

Yet these turning points offer times for our tuning forks to be fine tuned. To find the right fork in the road to take.

So this piece is devoted to all those who struggle and just need to know that God is there. Just look at the sly in the morning and find God painting the clouds a gentle orange and red. To see the glimpse of the artist at his easel. Momentarily there and the next minute not. Moving on to another soul for sustanance. Leaving behind satisfaction from His presence.

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