Saturday, January 10, 2009

The intellectual lingerie

Walking with Jesus is not an easy task. When looking at the documentary, Pope John Paul II who thirsted to overcome an abyss of evil with an abyss of love, Back then as in the times of the Jesus, everyone was on the front lines. Fighting for their lives.

And some wanted to desperately hold onto their tradition. As was the case with the Pharisees who did not want to lose control over what they would give up when Jesus's power was being transmitted to His newly formed disciples.

Being disciples is a form of marriage. It is the union of God and the Church. We as believers are the bride of Christ. He is the Groom who is awaiting our arrival home to Him.
In this long journey of life, we share our souls and are united with Him in our hearts and minds as well. When we put on the full armor of God and put on the qualities of compassion and love, we are being intimate and united with Him and with each other. Through the intellectual lingerie so to speak.
Something that may never have been thought of before, but worth considering.

We are all going to face the day of God's judgement. And when I was chatting with a missionary friend of mine, he said he was somewhat glad to be home. As we quipped back and forth, our mutual humor came up with this saying,
"We enter into a 4H club of sorts. That is when we are happy and hoarse, coming home through a horse-drawn hearse.
In the book of Revelation, there are references to winged creatures, and I can imagine being driven up to heaven in one of them and being resurrected before Jesus.

When we will appear in heaven, we may have the vestige of our memories and the dorsal fins of our past. Yet, what we will have taken on is that immortality that swallowed up death in its victory. It will be the removal of our earthly glasses and putting on the eternal glasses that God had prescribed for us in the beginning, but we were robbed of our sight from the slithering enemy.

Yet, I thank you God for surrounding us with beauty every day so that we know you are alive in the world for us.

So I thank you in advance for inducting me into that 4H club that Jay and I bantered over the net. And may God bless the reader in his or her walk. That it will be stimulating to the souls-both in the here and the now.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Scott, thanks for stopping by today. I'm having trouble keeping up with blogs because I'm juggling three jobs right now.

I liked your play on words with 4H.

Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow.