Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to Never Never land.

Finally, I gained a little real estate today!!! Some of that precious commodity that has been hard to acquire. I finally tossed some old papers of which my clues to the treasure hunt were very vague. I now have white space in front of me. I don't have to sit on a pile or rest my arms on one.

Still have a little ways to go in front of me. But I tackled one small area and felt good at that.

Also, I took on a little leadership this week in bringing to my manager's attention if we would be having a superbowl party so I could bring some chips. In a quick order of an hour, we had the party confirmed and email and posters were created. It felt good to be able to pick up the Target Chips and bring them in and have them opened up first while others were left unopened.

Small steps but still valuable ones in the areas of communication and organization that are sorely lacking on my reviews. And I look forward to future attempts to improve in these areas so I am moved out of the basement in those spots and different phrases and concepts can be introduced to review in Mid november or earlier , God willing.

Peace to the world as President Obama tackles the messes that lay around the world that others have left behind. If only, they just followed what I discovered this week. Tackle it one piece at a time, especially with new management running the ship.

And change is never easy especially after learning that my small gravy of the half=hour I enjoyed in overtime is being removed along with the overtime in our office, but if it helps make us more productive , I can live with that change as well.

And we will be getting phone system hooked up online in a week or so. More modern phones and a step further along in the 21st century!!!

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