Monday, February 09, 2009

The joy of life

Life begins at the marathon
on an unroped course
releasing a flood of swimming sperm
zooming towards the throne room of the egg.
From the union of the exhausted sperm and egg, a new cell forms.
As a result of this special communion.

Bringing within it a combination of cells-each with blood circulating from within.
Being built from an architect
of which some say is a million miles away and some say as I do is
only as close as one's fingerprint.
At the heart of this new creation is a bundle of love. Being built through the generations.

In this architecture is the DNA, the jungle gym for our genes.

At the furnace of this new creation is the weaving together of the heart , full of red blood cells, that course through the arteries.

The heart bringing life and love to the hands and the feet. Feet that will dance and hands that will clap for joy. Feet and hands that will carry wounded men full of blood and those that will hold and cherish the newborn babe that will change the world.

All the while this gift is being weaved through the womb and the secret garden of the mother.
The umbilical cord tied to the mom. Swaying through the lush forest. Of sounds swooshing past the fetus's ears.

Just as the surf slurps through the scrumptious seaweed,
splashing up over the rocks.
Creating a magnificent spray of spume to the sky,
nature's form of worship to God. In its creation of the rainbow of blue and green over striated rocks.

That communion of the dad gathered at the foot of mother. Family and friends gathered next door.
Waiting for Word of the silent and joyous gathering of birth,
nine months in the making.

Oh how life is sacred and how partnering of souls brings forth life-
to start anew and to renew and celebrate the course of life throughout the generations.

Getting ready to jump for joy in the jungle gym of life.

This heart beats its drum
gently sending ripples of oxygen to a network of capillaries reaching the farthest points from the heart.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Good morning, Scott. You have some strong imagery here, and the poem definitely conveys an essence of joy.

Just as an experiment, you might try boiling it down to a more condensed form to give it even more power. Poetry tend to be more elliptical than prose. Not all the transitions and connections have to be spelled out.
Try it and see what happens.