Monday, April 07, 2008

Tuning the soul

I remember being in music class and the teacher used a tuning fork to set the instruments at the same level. And that is like a first violinist getting the orchestra ready to play.

When it comes to matters of the soul, it is the same way. These matters of the soul can have a piercing pain. One that has been sensitized by something that we have done. Especially in areas of egregrious sin and times when we know we have done wrong in the pursuit of pleasure instead of God. Yet when this happens, the good that comes out of it is to know that our souls are alive and well. This thorn which I inherited when in the midst of a sin never has gone away. Yet, when it does pierce my insides, I know I am alive. And I can in turn bless others as I listen to their grief. So, I encourage those who are hurting with aches that can not be described. We long to be clothed in the heavenly dwelling; yet, we are stuck here in our bodies with groans that the Holy Spirit will undoubtedly interpret for us. Praise be to God.


Anonymous said...

What if the movement of the Spirit is not to show you that you are alive, but that you are dead? What if God desires that you not yet turn to others to help but that your own thorn is still too great for you to bear and that you need to be helped more than to help?

Scott R. Davis said...

I disagree with Anonymous. Thorns can be placed within our soul to make us humble and to rely on Him for help. For our life is temporary on this earth and we are going to have struggles. yet, it is through these struggles that we are made alive. And to have some sensation of pain and fight is better than being numbed out and insensitive.