Saturday, April 26, 2008

Transition between seasons

We are into the first couple of weeks of spring already and the weather is good. Days start out cooler and then warm up as they go along which feels good.

Emotions are the same way with some people. It can seem like a very long time before the warmth of the day hits. That is when some people lack a general understanding of manners for those like myself who have to take a slower pace going forward. Being careful of operating in unfamiliar territory in the dark. It is hard for some to comprehend the need for a couple of extra seconds to make the journey. May the Lord bless those who need that extra discernment and patience. Help me also with my plank in my own eye at times and thanks for controlling my emotions so that they would not get the better of me for I am sure there are a few planks that I need to deal with. I hate splinters. Help me to understand how to deal with others and help others Lord deal and understand me better.

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