Tuesday, April 08, 2008

To live life to the fullest.

Life is like a mountain climb. Going to the highest mountain peak. And also is like standing at a pass at the precipice of a cliff and a chance to look out over the vast expanse that lays suspended below.

Life sure has its risks and rewards. We can be criticized for what we say and feel sometimes. In the last post, I was challenged as to whether the thorn in the flesh means we are dead. I disagreed with my reader in that the thorn is a sign of life that is present in the soul. Interacting with our enemy that is out to destroy us. And it is that battle that will bring our roots much deeper so we can survive during the times of drought.

So I will enjoy the moments when I pull over from the ride and take a glance at the vast horizon of possibilities that God has given us and to ponder what being alive in Christ really means. I welcome others to comment on what their thorns and life in Christ mean for them as well.

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