Sunday, July 16, 2006

Deepening the wells of Life

Ever stand at the edge of a well and look down! Usually very shallow at the top with some rocks that line the well and then a string and bucket fill the top of the well. Not all wells are like that though.

When I grew up during my summer vacations in Boothbay Harbor region of Maine, my parents and I went to the Beath Springs which had running water 24 hours a day for almost 6 of the summers that we cottaged on Pratt's Island. This well had a stream that we would direct into our 1/2 gallon pails that we would fill up for the weeks use of water for boiling our water for cooking. The road that led to the well had rocks and the tires crushed along the pebbles as we approached the Springs.

During Biblical times, Jesus met a samaritan woman at the well. He said that for you to be satsified, I will give you living water. Come to this well and you will need to be coming back for more. Going to the Source will give us hope for today and many more for tomorrow as one of the christian songs states.
At times I feel less than fulfilled and not where God wants me to be. I feel a little dissatisfied that I do not have certain blessings that others have such as marriage or children. But all I need to do is to look at what God has provided me with-a custom built well that I need to keep tended to. So that it will continue to run and not get capped off as Beath Springs had to be. I need to keep digging deeper!

Wells are what cause entire communties and the world to gather around them as what happened with little Jessica McClure who was trapped for several days in one. It brings out the townsfolk to work together to find solutions in such a crisis.

Another kind of crisis that was resolved was with Helen Keller. She was an unruly child that learned to trust Anne Sullivan as she place her hands under the running water pump and water gushed out into her hand as the word ""WATER" was etched into her palm over and over until she could understand the association between the two.

In our faith walks with God, we need to let God etch into our hearts His presentce and into our souls a deep reservoir that can only be filled by Him. We need to bring buckets to fill it up which will be received through an attitude of humility.

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