Thursday, July 13, 2006

Take a Peak

Good Morning Sun. I am ready to take a peak and be encouraged. It is kind of hot out here and I need a little relief. I am going to go behind the moon and cool off some. Let me go behind the moon and get some needed relief from the glare and heat of the sun.
In life, we all face struggles on a daily basis and it is a good reminder that we have uphill battles to climb with our peaks. But we need to take peeks on our peaks-hills that have an upward and downward face as well. Times that will go well and times that it seems it is a bad-hair day for all.
It is real good to have those havens to go for the rest. Like the local bookshop to stay secluded in the rows of books-in awe of what others have created. In the same way, we can add to the rows of others imagination with encouragement-reaching out with rods of support.

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