Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 230th Birthday

Hsppy Birthday to the USA. We are 230 years old. No middle aged crisis or teenaged years for our country. Just the typical bangs and scrapes that any child gets in his daily life. And lots of wisdom from grandarents and parents alike. Imagine yourself as Christopher Columbus on a boat sailing the seas on his sailboat. "Landmass ahead, Sir. We better take to shore and find out what this land is that we see here." The captain of the boat pulls in the sails and Christopher's crew embarks into the dinghy and heads off to the shore to find out what this land is all about.

I am thankful for what Chris discovered and the privelege it is to live on this continent of North America. It has not been an easy place for our country but it has been a good proving ground for our country. Many leaders have taken initiatives here and have grown our place to be a land of opportunity. Not so much for everyone but it has a potential for those with disadvantages such as handicaps.

So let us break out the potato chips and the nachos and celebrate what America means to each one of us. And try to blow out 230 candles on the cake!!!

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