Friday, July 28, 2006

Crunch crunch underfoot

Let's say it is a warm autumn day outside and ones feet crunch underneath the ground and the leaves are scattered about by your feet. I trample the leaves underfoot and move them methodically between my shoes which are gathering dust by the minute and move them throughout.

Out on a baseball diamond somewhere, some kids are playing a game of baseball and are running the bases and the opposing team is trying to catch the ball and make the throw in time to prevent the run from scoring. There are parents in the stands and they are rooting for son, Johhny , who has just made the cut to the team after many years of not making the team.

Not having the experience of playing sports but some in the watching of it in the form of basketball. The rapid movement of feet across the hardwood floor of the gym with the coaches and players yelling out commands with rapid succession.
The whistle of the coaches and the sounding of the practice/game clock being rewound after each drill or segment of the game.

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