Saturday, April 23, 2011

He Is Risen!!!!

In the dark cold winter night,
candles are lit in the pew.
in the brightening room, sounds pierce the room.
sounds of silence broken.
echoing cries across the land.
of the prophets of old.
Of the babe in swaddling clothes
crying out the sounds to the earth
to listen
to ponder
to understand!

The throne room awaits for His arrival...

The crowds clammer
The anvils smash
Angst rains down
Diasporas occur
Only for the moment

He arrives to the throne room
To be sent back

Angels reappear
for the sequel to LIFE-Part II

For He is arisen. He is not there!!!
" Yeah, not at the tomb!!
He is RISEN!!!
Let us continue to ponder what began on that cold winter night.

Let us continue to light our candles in the darkness!!!
Let His love and light spread through the World.
For He does love the world and each one of us!!!

For at Easter's Eve and Dawn
Hope for paradise

For Amazing Grace
How sweet the Sound
That He would save a wretch like me!
Let us cling to that old rugged cross
as we see the incense swing forth in churches
and hear the bells chiming on Easter Morn!!

Now the mist lifts and the sun rises. The Lord shine His face upon you!!

He sits at the right hand of the Father!
Caring and interceding for us!!!
All Glory, Honor, and Praise go to you Lord Jesus

Happy Easter to you!!!!
I love you.


Amrita said...

Beautiful poem. Hapy Easter to you

Unknown said...

yes what a beautiful poem. Did you write that yourself?

Scott R. Davis said...

Yes, I wrote that myself, Amylynn1966. I love poetry. you will find more on my website.

Kathe said...

Beautiful Scott!