Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No longer a desert

The past month or so has felt a little bit like a desert, a hot stretch in cooler weather.
When I was riding the bus on an adventure to a meeting with some sales and marketing professionals since I am interested in maybe breaking into the sales field. On the bus, there was a lady who wanted the door to the bus opened since it was getting hot inside. A laugh ensued with some of the riders on the bus. Also, the bus driver averted some turkeys crossing the road. At least the two of them were not run over.

Yesterday, while I was awaiting for my friend to finish some shopping, I noticed a young pre-teen get out of the car to pick up a movie to rent at RedBox in his pajamas. Pulling up next to the car I was in was a van painted green with flowers all over it. On the license plate, it read Utopia. When my friend pulled down her window, she mentioned that it was a nice van. It was for his side business of landscaping.

Today, the sky was an unusual color in that it appeared more silver and the white lettering of Kolbe Cathedral stood out in stark contrast to the building itself. Exciting. And with the rain creeping in, I thought "Evacuation orders." That could be since when I was at the networking meeting and heard all the fancy projects that people were involved in the past and when I gave my 60 seconds, the earth did not move. I felt a little awkward even in the networking afterwards with just 20 in the room. Even with the humor that was bantered about. But I made a few connections and I hope to circle back to them and encourage them.

So, all to say, Thank you God for providing me with these moments that I could look out and around and be on this unusual adventure and even have some time for a blessed nap in the afternoon!!!

As my friend Mary said, "I hope that you get a job that you will love." Indeed, that is my true desire. It would be great to have that happen and to feel fully in the center of His will.

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Global Nomad said...

Good afternoon, Scott,

Some creative posts lately, thanks for sharing them with us.

Your networking session sounded good too. I attend a couple of these most months here in the UK. They are called Jelly's.

Remembering you as you seek your next main assignment which Father has for you.

Liked your "Oases Moments" along the way. A businessman in South Africa encouraged me to watch out for such momemnts each day - at least one of them.

Key ones I share with others. Will put you on my mailing list and send you a few back numbers for good measure.

Kind regards,