Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cycles of composition

Today, I awoke to the pow of the transformer out front. Seems to have a semi-annual habit of doing this. About 6 times to a collective memory of me and another neighbor. For not having slept much in the evening and then kaboom.
Some lights were still on and some appliances were off. Took the stairs down and then back up. Our association president was downstairs. Not easy climbing six flights of stairs twice. Was going for a third but had some trouble finding my way since the hall became darkened.

I was thinking on poetry today and how it is a collection of some random ideas throughout our day somewhat weaved together.
Of how I looked at the orange I purchased and how it became pierced somehow. Torn. I called the store of Stop and Shop and I can return it absent of the deformed orange. And it had a moldy aroma to it also!

Chopped up some scallions after tearing off the limp leafy limbs of the scallions. Put some in the shells and sauce and bread crumbs. A nice everlasting twinge of flavor.
The same can be said for belief in Christ for after two thousand years, there still is that twinge of belief. Of that flavor that believers add with the salt and light of their lives. All requiring a mild washing off and getting a little of the stalk stuck on the fingers.

Felt good to stay inside tonight and not pierce the darkness. I forfeited a writing night to clear writer's block but I also needed the downtime to recover from the interrupted night of rest.

So I challenge the reader to go ahead and pierce the day with familiar things to see how they can impact you and see where they take you in order to become a blessing to others.

Hard to believe that in less than 3 weeks, we will be celebrating the loss and the triumph of our God in the same weekend.
More on that later.

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