Monday, May 02, 2011

Enduring the race marked before US

Getting a roll out of bed this morning was rather difficult with the news of the capture and killing of OSama. Good that it happened in that he will not be a threat to our world. But there are the systems which he has developed and the innate character of evil that is always present in the world. There have been varied discussions on all of the networks on whether it was fine to celebrate his capture and death. And then there is the sentiment given by others that it was a life that is lost and should be mourned. I am in the middle of the two views. It would have been nice to throw a big victory party but there have been so many lives lost on the battlefield since the blue day on Sept. 11,2001. But the beauty of our nation and the world is the sacrifices that have been made in the daily pursuit of evil.

But the key to life is to remember how we are to encourage one another and to view positive movies and concerts to lift our spirits up.
For as a Christian song states,
"For we fall down and then get up. For we fall down and then get up. For we fall down and then get up."
For I look at the cross, Lord, on your journeys through the stations of the cross. FOr you fell down and needed help along the way.
I recalled how you ask me to deny myself, pick up my cross and follow you. Help me and my fellow friends understand what kind of cross you are asking me to follow in love.

It is time for us to get up and keep on moving forward. For as the Apostle Paul states in Ephesians, "No love can separate us from the love of Jesus." So thankful for you, Lord, for loving us unconditionally in the process of what has been going on in the world of today!!

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