Friday, April 01, 2011

God's life blood

This poem was inspired during a 30 minute quiet reflection after reading and discussions Richard J. Foster's book, Celebration of Disciplines. This is after focusing on silence and solitude.
And a big thanks to Celine for her hard work teaching God's children His truths each and every week in that very room where her signs of Christ abounded.

Gods blood runs through me
Hard to grasp the essence of you since...
I like quantities to grasp and hold onto.

Signs that say God is alive,
and new life in Christ
and Jesus lives.
You, Jesus, were born son to Mary and Joseph
in a family
The clocks ticks ever so slowly
one second at a time
distinct just like my heartbeat and my breaths
Thank you Lord for the small acts of
kindness and for your big act of kindness at Calvary.
For enduring the cross and the shame

For I kneel at the cross for you.

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