Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day of the cross

Awakening to the end of the day.
The sun emerges as a cross
behind the screen
nestled within the clouds

A force to be reckoned with
taking its slumber for 3 days

Pulsing again
a momentary and everlasting rebirth.

Its view:
yet approachable
A warm afterglow.

Bouncing off the traffic below
blurring the vision

A vague figure standing in the middle
Arms held wide and firm

Warming the soul and the heart
creating shadows of a cross
behind the participants

An ultimate force of love, power, and life and hope for all.

This above poem was crafted by me before a talk and reading of some poems by Vivian Shipley on Love, power and Women and men.
Ultimately, God is powerful in our lives but also very loving.
And the ultimate lover that is true and faithful to mankind.

Happy Valentines day to all and especially to you Jesus, the lover of my soul.

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