Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pushing towards loving and goodness

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be having a good transition time. I do want more to come out of it than a status quo. I want to push towards great outcomes and not just trickles from my fingers. I started on a pile but lost the energy to move it forward. I gave myself three days. I hope God I can push it to completion in the next two days!! I think I can.

My friend called transitions blessings, really complicated ones.
Somedays in the shifting sands can be a complex swoosh of the grains.
even small gains among the grains.
an instability until I reach the water's edge.
a compacting of the sand until it is pressed firmly into the ground,'
immovable until the big wave or the creativity of a child, unearthing its tomb,
unto a sense of creativity!!

My friend said that I also need to be good and loving towards myself. Maybe I just need to do all three in a gentle way.
1. pushed to be motivated to action.
2. then somehow have that sabbath built into the sabbatical to give me the goodness and love which underlies the need to push so hard.
3. Almost like that of labor to create something wonderful for God
4. to Celebrate and share in!!!

Thanks to the cradle and the cross.
Both times of pushing and shoving.
Pushing into the world and
then through God's infinite goodness....
pushing that boulder away by the angels on Easter Sunday morning!!!!

Thanks Crissy for inspiring this today!!!

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