Friday, February 11, 2011

A story of blackness on the Stage of Life

Darkness surrounds the tunnel of life and a cloud envelops around its very existence.
Hard to see as the mist forms a heavy fog.

The boxer emerges from the curtain and he pushes the curtain away and slouches and slumbers unto the stage.
The lights with the audience are dimmed where the boxer can not see the crowd that is in front of him but he hears the screams of the crowd. The curtain fully opens and the lights in the audience turn up and the announcer says, "Here is the best and greatest boxer in our time. Lord Scott emerges into the ring and opposes the great Hindin. The great Hindin scares Scott for a moment as his huge hands sway over Scott's head. Scott bows for cover and feels the persistent swish of the gloves over his head.
Great Scott tears off his robe and reveals black and gold shorts with the Big G on them.

The audience is a lot like that of my friends who are cheering me on in the dark moments of my life when I do not fully understand what is happening behind the scenes. For the plot is being developed when the curtain is closed. Furniture and sets are being moved around. Signs are being hung to mark the progress of life. News for others to read.

Lights momentarily erupting and canceling out the darkness. Scott says to Hindin, :"Oh I see your hands. They don't scare me buddy. I can take you on."
The gloves of the boxers are in black suede and have the yellow insignia of G for great. For both boxers were termed "great" in the program that was handed out to the audience.

That is what the search for work has made me, great, as I have unearthed the potential that I have developed over the years.
I have so much behind the scenes that I have developed and know for well that I can do all through Him who gives me strength.

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