Friday, July 09, 2010

What's bugging you

This month has been quite a month. Last month at our writer's workshop in Bridgeport, Mary gave us the assignment to write about bugs or snakes.
I had no idea of how close I would come to either of them this month until now.

On June 28th, I went to work and was all prepared to begin a full week of work and began to process the few credits from the day to be closer to our goal of month-end.
I took a quick break to prepare my morning tea and put it down. Took a few sips.
Then I was ushered into my general manager's office and I was presented the ominous news that my job was eliminated due to restructuring of the accounting division. I was stunned after almost 20 years. A month prior, Mike handed me my 20 year plaque and award package.

After a few words and clarifications from personnell, I made my way through the office for a few farewells and picked up a precious magnet given by a coworker Michele one Christmas of a bible verse from Philipians 4:13 that I hold dear of Christ meeting all of our needs. And picked up a floating smiley that was given to me by a visiting temp agency.
Thus leaving behind a ton of memories from my time of work and play at R3 Metro North/Schrier.

Before I begin my next chapter in life, here is a little recollection of some of the funny times that I had while there.
During one of our audit weeks, I felt determined to win the WEBE 108 challenge of being the 8th caller on one of their songs.
In the past, I kept calling in and never got through. But this time I was going to get through. I just called at the particular time and a voice came onto the line and said, "You are the 8th caller and what is your name?" I said, "This is Scott Davis from Bridgeport Ct and I work for Schrier Bros."
It took a while for them to get it recorded correctly. That day I was the talk in the office and everyone shouted for me to order pizza for them. Oh, I never did take them up on the offer for buying free pizza for them.

On Halloween, several times I dressed up in my blue Blazer and slacks, and they asked if I was Bill Gates. They asked if I could extend them a loan. I told them that I did not have enough funds for their loans. I never could buy a flimsy mask and cape since I would feel extremely uncomforable in them. It was always fun to see how clever my co-workers were dressed up as lobsters, playboy bunnies, Raggedy Ann and other clever designs. A definitely sense of family that I am going to miss.

Then on the first day of us being a full corporate identity, I did not want to get going full force and slept through my alarm only to hear moments later a loud knock and banging on my door with my name being called. I arose and looked at the clock and saw it read 8:30am. I said, wow. I ran into the foyer in my shorts and opened the door to hear my coworker Bill and a neighbor say, "Scott, we were worried that you were dead. I rushed back and changed into my work clothes and was driven to the office by Bill. I sat a litle shocked and embarrassed that I had totally missed my alarm. That day, we had bagels in the office and was not the way to be ushered into corporate life.

Now my life is different after being ushered into a trial retirement which my friend Mary Greer told me to regard it as. And another friend, Andreya, told me to take some time to smell the roses and enjoy life. For I have worked for over 20 years so far. So I have decided to take a sabbatical. This weekend I am visiting an eager customer of mine who wants to talk to me. I have no idea if this will be the end of this long due sabbatical or if it will get extended for a few more weeks or months.
For I am on a paid vacation to a destination right now unknown to me.

One thing that bugs me is how I have to wait in long lines at the Department of Labor. Long ones that do not accomplish much. And then there are the long waits for buses in the heat and the long walks around downtown in the heat. I have drops and beads of sweat that fall off my brow and cling to my back and chest.

It also bugs me that many of my friends I see and hear are in the lines. This is not a club that I wished to join on the 28th of June, one day prior to my 47th birthday. This definitely saves my company the cake time to get the cake.
At the end of my first week, I did get a nice card and note from my coworkers giving me a fresh perspective that there is a purpose for everything and to be sure that I looked at the silver lining behind all of our disappointments.

If I need any bugs in computers to get resolved, I will not be able to call up Dave or Pat in Tech support for relief of password lock outs or program mishaps.

This week, I went into my kitchen cupboard to get a pan to boil some soup. Inside the cover, I saw a city roach lounging on his back as if in bliss. I squished him and put him inside the can and into deep freeze.

And I saw a flying bug that somehow got through a crack in my open window. Tried smashing him a few times but missed him each time. Yet, in this extreme heat, he seems to have given up the fight and is gone.

Then there is the corporate snake that I am going to see each month called King Cobra. He demands a mighty strong penalty. Cold hard earned cash. I just missed the deadline by one month for the ARRA subsidy and have to cough up an extra 2/3. I will have to wait until April 2011 to get a partial refund of it back!! This snake I am very thankful for!!!

The waiting room of life is crowded with many people trying to get somewhere. I do not like having to sit in a doctor's office surrounded by patients coughing and trying to get seen by a doctor. For now, I have to wait to be seen by professionals who will be helping me hone a resume, find me the right workshop to enhance my skills and to find the right path for me to follow.

I am going to have to trust on God and have my wings renewed like the eagles. I need to flap a little less and trust as I am held tight and get some loose feathers removed so that I can fly straighter. After almost 23 years in the corporate arena, I do have a few wings that need to be clipped off and shaped back to their splenor.

And spend a little time by the ocean hearing the waves call back to me and to see the sparkles of my dad come off the waves and hear the gulls calling some greetings back to me as well.

May the reader be blessed as I was recalling the past and reflecting on the road that I have to trod as well for the future.

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Amrita said...

I am sorry to hear about wha t happene d to you Scot. Somany are taking the hit.

My BIL has lost his job twice in the past year. He was in the textile industry, a manager, but textiles the world over are going through a set back. So he has changed lanes and found a job as a live in manager in a Holiday Retirement Home (my sister too).

I lost my job several because of my physical disabilities. Never could w ork after thsat. In India there is nothing for for handicapped people. My poor widowed mother supports me with her small pension.

Will you get unemployment insurance like they do in Canada?

Wish you God 's best for you r future.