Thursday, July 15, 2010

heading towards the symphony of Heaven

I wish that I could be in your throne room playing a symphony of praise all the time.
My attempts are muted at best. I am the oboe and am anxiously awaiting the trumpet of thegroom that you promise me someday.

Yet, you have made me part of the Bride of Christ. Part of the faithful tribe who is awaiting Christ at the altar for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Lord, you have the power to heal when one touches the hem of your garment. You have the power whether to heal them at the moment or when they cross the threshold of heaven's doorstep. As when one greets a close friend and invites them to come into the room to sup and dine with you!!!!

Lord, let me put my symphony of desire into perspective and seek your kingdom first. No matter how grand it may feel or seem. For your ways are eternal and will outlast all our human efforts and desires as well!!!

thanks Pastor Len for helping me to remember how faithful God is to me!!!!

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Amrita said...

Beautiful prayer. I will make it mine too