Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some like it Hot!!!

There was a movie once called, Some Like it Hot. I however do not like it hot!! Yet God gave us the 4 seasons to give His created beings a choice to choose which season they would like to be in. Yet, endurance is often the end result for the seasons for which we don't like to be in.

God also has given breaks or hiatuses in our lives. I am in one now called a trial retirement as one of my friends, Mary , put it.
And as a former customer called me today, "a man of leisure."

Yet, one thing that I hope to accomplish in this sabbatical if it is indeed a sabbatical is to have a chance to minister. My friend said I would be a good pastor, but I have not taken the time to pastor as effectively as I should.

And another friend asked me, what I like to do if I could do anything. My answer was to give inspirational talks around the country.

It is indeed wonderful to have friends around to encourage and stimulate and develop as people. To know that we are not alone in this world!!!!

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