Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On a Safari

Last night at Vacation Bible school, we had the classes hunting wild animals. We had them using lassoes and hula hoops to capture their prey. It is very hard hunting in this manner. And we also had them hunting using the net which was the parachute in which the children went under as we raised the parachute up and down. It provided quite a breeze as the parachute kept moving.

In a way, I am on a safari right now in my life as I search for the right job and the right niche for me to fit in. Previously, I believed that the niche I was in was the perfect one for me. Obviously for some reasons unknown to me, God has in mind something better for me that will help me to grow and enhance my skills in the process.

I feel a lot like Moses right now as he wandered in the hot desert looking for the direction that God gave him and communicating it with his peers. The weather has been similar to what Moses may have experienced in his trek.

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Amrita said...

With a seeking heart like yours God will show you the way Scot