Friday, July 02, 2010

Being at Jesus's feet

When I was sitting with a friend just chilling and reflecting on my rather difficult week, it was just good listening to the story of another human on this earth and hear how she managed work and school and ministry and life. Being able to reflect and hear Psalm 91 read to me aloud, reminding me of the times we sang a song inspired from the Psalm itself.

That made me understand that is really how we are to just be at the feet of Jesus. Listening to what He has to share with us through His Holy Spirit and to just be present in life.

Not to rush to fast. To see the shadows cast on buildings by the trees and to see the surprises that surround us.

And even some painful things to like a higher premium for health insurance but those are just numbers. They hurt for a time but I will treasure those moments spent with my friends hearing their triumphs and trials of life.
And that is the model of one of our woman at church who cares faithfully for her ailing child. Giving her the respect and dignity that she deserves. Being wholly like Jesus and His heart for the children.

That makes the lemonade that I am making that much more sweeter!!!!!

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