Saturday, February 14, 2009

Storing up prayers in Heaven.

Lord, Help me to store up some prayers to be forwarded to heaven. I read once of a man who went to heaven and was given a tour of his portion of the warehouse. On the tour, Jesus showed him of how he did not have stuff stored in heaven. I need to realize that I need to send prayers each day to God and they may be stored in His warehouse up there. It would be great to open up : time capsules" with some of the days of my life and see how my prayers and God and His angels and people have affected the history of mankind. Of me, this humble speck on earth, whom God intends to do great things through can impact others.

I look forward to the day when one of God's angels moves hi-lo truck to the warehouse bin and pulls down from a pallet the crate of scott's prayers and how they have changed the world when down on earth. I hope that bin is not empty or is not filled with regrets for not spending time with Jesus or His people.

These prayers remind me of the time I have been in Maine gift shops that sell the Maine Air in a bottle. Never bought that product, but once it gets opened the air is gone. That $2 value is lost once the cap gets opened. Yet when our prayer time capsules are opened they will bless others in heaven and ourselves as saints when we get there.

Lord, let me have the time and opportunity to share with others how new life in you is going and to have a full aisle showing off how great you are in my life. Since the theme of our church this year is God's people bring God Joy!!!!

Smile for Jesus. And a happy valentines day to you, Lord and to those who are reading this also!!!!

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