Monday, February 16, 2009

My life is like that of the ocean.
It is beautiful,
yet dangerous
yet full of mystery
who can fathom where its drops of froth will
intersecting it on the water's edge through the motor boat.

Viewing it from atop a rock cliff
seeing it from the porch window
Hearing it from the water's edge.
Watching birds interact with it- coming close and being married to it.

Myself being married to it for thirty-two years.
Being the groom to this bride of beauty.
being loyal to it through the seasons.
keeping a keen eye to its beauty and ever changing faces.
yet the constancy of the view she provides
providing an affection for the soul for years to come-
of her having the perfect gown tailored well for her.
And for my tux- of having family be near as I
have been on my adventure with her through the years
constantly falling in love with her.
Forever walking the aisle with her.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Ah, Scott, I like this one. The thing you did really well is develop one metaphor and elaborate on it throughout the whole long, third stanza. It's much more effective than stringing a lot of metaphors together, which is what many apprentice writers do.