Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walking on a balance beam with a foot in the air

sky patrol
experience and enjoy life
surroundings and outlook
going through the motions.


The pleasures garnered from the senses. Of the touch that gets received from mother to son. Of the times when it is avoided and shunned to my regret.
Getting close at times is awkward for me like getting stuck between a gate and a wall as it is closing in. Of not wanting the contact and at the same time wanting it real bad.

At times, when a woman from church approaches me and wants a hug, I tend to give a brief one and not embrace the idea fully. I don't know why I escape and at times want the contact. As if I was being chased by aliens yet these are my friends and people that i know. I wish that I had the golden key -the answer to unlock this deep mystery for me.

In my mind, it is easy to watch an embrace unfold and to encourage it and get excited by it. Yet when the embrace faces me, I run backwards into an awkward dance. Of not wanting to be foolish and fall backwards.

A tryptic of our lives

In the Furnace of the heart
as one writer put it, ideas in a book are like a women's eggs that are waiting to be fertilized.

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