Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A pane into our pain

Opening up emails or the obituary pages is never a pleasant experience when one reads of someone's death. Of a person known briefly. Yet, even as I watch the sorrow and the endurance of a family such as the Mengel family in Westport undergo the death of their father and husband from a rare form of cancer. My Not finding out he was sick until his final night, it brought to me a regret for not reaching out to him. yet, God is allowing me through my words to thread into his relative's lives hope and connection.

Another way to see Craig is as a gardener who is tending his garden. Craig emulated Jesus from the testimony shared by others. And Jesus acts as the gardener in our lives as well. As He prunes the deadness away from us. This garden has to be beautiful for the butterflies to land in. Many times after a person has died, gardens are dedicated in their name. God's servants need to tend the gardens that tend to become full of rocks and weeds scattered from the effects of evil in our lives.

God lived bookmarked between two gardens in His life. First at the garden of Eden where God walked in the cool with Adam and the other garden of Gethsemene where He sat agonizingly looking ahead to the Cross by a cruel death. But He went to where there was life-to the land of Heaven. And He is awaiting for us there. Probably tilling the Garden of Heaven where we will be welcomed in to where there will be no more suffering and the fullness of Him will rest in it as well.

Whoever reads these words, remember not to be afraid to open the panes and look into another person's pain. It can bring us on an adventure of loving others as God loves us. And it will allow us to be the face of God of which the world needs very much.

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