Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hanging on to Jesus

Moving Towards the cross of Christ is never easy in this life. It is entered at the point of our birth when we begin to die daily. No matter what our condition is. It is a path that we take the minute that the rush of cold air hits our moist and damp face while dangling to our mother's chord.

During our steps on our own to the path of Christ, God has an umbilical cord tied to us almost like that of a mother I saw today around her four year old son. That leash is keep us tied so that we will not wander off on our own without having felt the tug of the mom.

We need to face our pain each day and our steps will bring us to the foot of the cross and then we need to look up at it and greet the Son. In the psalms, King David asks us to kiss the Son lest He get angry.

As I look to Jesus dying on the edge of the cross, he had compassion as He looked at the two thieves on either side of Him. He looked out and listened to both of them, one railing insults against Him and the other seeing the condition of his own soul. Knowing that Jesus could only bring him the last minute aloe he desperately needed.

So let us hang onto Jesus as He hangs on for us. Praise be to God and for the way that a Pelegrino, Craig Mengel, lived as a tres dias disciple. You will be missed as one of the seis peligrinos.

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