Saturday, December 01, 2007

First Fairfield winter words writers workshop

Today was the first Fairfield Writers words winter workshop. It was a good activity to do on a COLD winter day. I found out the coldness as I awaited for the bus at the end.
But inside the workshop, the mood and learning was warm. And enjoyable to see the level of enthusiasm of over 100 writers wanting to advance in the writen world. And to have a chance to meet other nanoers who took the November Novel challenge seriously and won or just gave it their best shot. And to share with others my life story and my goal to help those who are disadvantaged with their handicapped deal with it. And maybe in children's literature format. We will see where it goes.
Would welcome suggestions from the audience that knows me. too or the subject itself. Peace

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cookingkaren said...

Hey Scott-
Glad we got to connect yesterday. I was totally energized by all the sessions and wish I had a new computer to get back to writing on!! I was totally exhasted too at the day's end, so I look forward to going over my notes and digesting this all in the coming days.
be well--catcha soon.
ps love your blog