Saturday, December 15, 2007

The aroma of soap

I broke open the double pack of the Dove beauty soap bars that I bought as a promo for a $7 off my next shopping excursion of stop and shop. And poured out the last of the liquid detergents that I had. So now it is time to replenish the laundry detergent and continue to domesticate myself with the chores midway through the cleaning cycles of my maids.
My maids are Merry and it is always good to come home on a monday morning after a long day of work and to have clean surfaces for which to put more stuff on. And to smell the aroma and scents from their cleaning that sometimes gets left behind in the air in the process.
One cleaning that I need to take advantage of more is in the arena of prayer where I could do much better in bringing myself closer to Jesus. It is just a matter of opening the celophane of my heart into his and then the fragrant aroma of the herbs that the three wise men brought to Jesus for his gifts could enter into His life. And just like the woman who broke the alabaster jar over Jesus's head to prepare and anoint Him for his rough walk to the cross. And just like the fragrant scent of the lilies at easter and the pointsettas at Christmastime. All a reflector and reminder for the senses of the profound mysteries of the cycles of life and death around us.

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