Sunday, January 28, 2007

serendipity found

Awaking on friday morning, I opened my front door and found my daily CT Post and scanned the front section and noticed in the happenings section a forum in Fairfield called the Poet's turn at the Fairfield Arts Center which was happening that evening. I quickly went to a couple of my pieces and printed out them so I could share them that evening.
It is a fine find when I see how God answers small prayers of long ago of opportunities to share my work and to have it happen in this way. To be able to go and be a part of an exciting evening of 11 local poets, 2 of whom had a book each for sale. To be able to share my life amongst theirs and to hear how words as common building blocks build different structures that have somewhat similar meanings. One of the poets expressed her concern of a friend or relative that was in a school system that was challenged under No Child Left Behind and how it was a struggle for this child to keep up. I then decided when it was time for additional readings to share a piece I wrote last June that gave first hand insight into that struggle.

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