Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Second day of the new year

The days are roling along now within the new year. Old habits die hard. Back to the mountain of work that never seems to end and I am becoming more aware of my faults of announcing when I am to drop off a report when someone is on the phone. I will just leave it and move on-being silent will not be all that bad.

People at the office said that I was missed when I was out on vacation this past week. They gave me plenty to do to keep me busy. I only wish that I had some more time in the day to get the work done as I used to but it is nice to be able to follow through with work in a more leisurely manner than to rush through it and feel as much pressure as I used to.

The sky was a bright red this morning as I was commuting and at the end of the day, in the sky, there was a full moon which felt good to see. yet, sight does not have a physcial feel, yet I like the sound of the feeling of sight.

Blessings. Scott

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