Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hello Santa Rita Mountains

This morning in the local newspaper, The Connecticut Post. there was a picture of a grove of cacti that were covered with 2 inches of snow. Several years ago, my mom and dad saved a snowball that was made one winter from a few inches of a quick snow that was brought out of the freezer of our home on Casa del Mundo. A quick snapshot of an event from a few weeks prior to my visit, carefully preserved for me to see.

I will not be visiting you, Çacti, this year since I will not be visiting my parents in Arizona since we have given up our base of the last 18 years of going down there. But I am glad to see your cousins and relatives in the print and media that show your presence down there still. I will still miss you but nature has a way of staying within our souls and when we reach out to it, we can see the impact that it has on us.
Elephant Head, I won't be seeing you as the Stagecoach limo approaches you, but I will always remember your stately presence on the indian landscape of the Santa Rita Mountains and of your neighbors that have been naturally etched by erosion. Glad to still have glimpses of your stately sights within my imagination=even if slightly faded from the last sight of you.

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