Saturday, January 20, 2007

A few musings while thawing out

Muy Frio today. The day was very cold today. Especially with a bus number 11 that never showed up at 11am after my haircut on Black Rock Turnpike. The sun did obey me in a way when I asked it to shine but the wind kept howiling. I am not a lover of the cold weather. I'd rather spend time with the warmth but cycles of nature are part of human life. Not much activity was present on the street except for those braving the winter cold for the bus or to do errrands on the street.
It must be tough for those who live out on the street with their cups in hand. I forget about the plight of those less fortunate who have no place to go except for a shelter for a roof. I have the blessings of a home and being able to get around. I had to make today's errand since I made the announcement that I was getting my haircut done and eyebrows trimmed. If that did not happen , I would have been very unhappy as shaggy dog for week #3. If I only did it when the tropics were present, that would have been great!!!!!

Back to the nature of being semi-frozen, believers in the christian church are often called frozen, especially in the Northeast. I am that way sometimes since I don't make advances in my faith. That was made clear when I took a survey from Joni and Friends on biblical literacy and from a study that I am doing on the book of Revelations with my friends that asked how do we evaluate our faith. I am staying relatively constant-not advancing or shrinking in my faith. Sort of stuck in neutral.. I realized now that if I stay stuck, I will still be frozen but maybe unable to move forward to accomplish God's plans.

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