Monday, December 06, 2010

Tributaries and Tributes

Good evening, World. I had my own tributaries forming within my soul and my eyes. I watched the movie, The Last Song, on a father's dying and the daughter and son being with their dad in his final months. It touched a nerve since I miss my dad and I have had a hard time mourning his loss. The feelings come and go at moments. It is hard for me to cultivate and express that love in how I daily live out my life.

I do try at it but it is hard as I try to rationalize with what ifs. What if only xy and z happened and not ab and c.
But in a way, life is like that of a tributary. I remember studying them in elementary school days. I looked up in wikipedia and it is a stream or river which flows to a main stem or parent river. The tributary does not flow directly into a stream, ocean or lake. It leads water out to an ocean.
The events in our lives are much like that. They guide and lead us and make us into better people.

As I was reflecting on what a fellow blogger wrote, I came up with the idea of how tributaries are good reflections on our life's journeys. I have been through many a storm as I have written at Triumph. It is through that flow of the waters that it keeps us on course to live a full life of victory. To hold nothing back. Not to blame or wish for something better.

Surrounding these tributaries are lush greens that grow out of them. Lord as I think through the essence of this, let me be lush and full of love for all I am around. Let the greenness become ever evident. Let me be bold in how I live my life out.
Lord, you were that way, too. You were known as the shoot of Jesse and that shoot has grown very tall for the whole world to see

I extend a cheer to anyone in the world who has flowing tear ducts, wishing for a better and more wholesome world. But sometimes there need to be those desert places for the tributaries to form some day.


Amrita said...

Thank you for this post Scott. When we are comforted we can pass it on to others.

The concept of life 's tributaries is very good.

That movie is one I would like to watch. I have been in situations like this.

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Scott R. Davis said...

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