Wednesday, December 01, 2010

OOPs Change

I must admit that I am a little scared about change. I am going to be going on another temporary agency to try to obtain temporary or full-time work. That is going to involve a big change in my routine of job clubs and other meetings. I am going to have to be at an office in the near future and not have as much free reign.

I also need to take some personal criticism. A friend of mine who is trying to get me work said that I need to clean up some. I don't always have as high a regard to my appearance. I don't know exactly why. I do desire closeness but it is also hard for me. And my appearance does not always help due to my handicap.

I also need to follow through and not just promise and fail to deliver. That came to light in a conversation with my mom.

And Lord, you want me to make changes too that I am not too willing to do. But it is for the good of our relationship with each other and also with my relationships with my fellow communities that I participate in.

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