Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Real Long Christmas Commute.

In about 1 and 1/2 weeks, Santa is going to have one very long commute. Getting all of the elves to finish on time will be crucial to load in all of the raggedy ann dolls, the X men and the wiis into the sleigh.
Plus, the 8 reindeer are going to need a lot of food and grooming and manicures and pedicures to take that long journey. They are going to have get some practice at their Reindeer gym and fitness center to make sure that they are in the tip-top shape.
Looks like Poor old Rudolph is going to need a little counseling so that he can go on his journey overseas. And maybe a renewal of his portrait for himself and all of the gang.

Maybe it is time for the North Pole to update the transportation for them to use. A new prototype. Traveling in some open sleigh at over 50 miles an hour. Surely, the job could be done so much faster. Imagine if it could be run on solar power and wind power. The crew experiences both of those during their journey.

For now, may it be a jolly jolly Christmas. HO HO HO!!!

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