Saturday, December 11, 2010

Father Time meets mother Nature.

The dealer deals at the hours of our day. Father time stands still and hovers over us.
Keeping the scales tilted in a balance towards life.
Standing motionless. At times on its face and head.
Trying to stay ahead of the rat race.
Many times desperately falling behind.
And sometimes headed to wards a small triumph.
Father Time joins Mother Nature as he watches to make sure mother Nature runs her course correctly.
Children needs time outs if their romps got out of hand.

Time worn on the wrist.
Lying emotionless in the landscape. Isolated with other landmarks
Peeled backward as a yellow banana.

Time for dad to sit in his easy chair. And adjust the equilibrium of his medicine.
It is all in the timing and a rush to get out safely where time is of the essence.

Time fleeting away
collapsing like a shadow.

In a memory to be discovered again
in the heart of adoration and adoption.

1 comment:

Amrita said...

Lovely poem Scott.

I heard your talk on th e radio on Sunday morning. It was like a sunday sermon for me.

What an inspirtation an d revalation. Thank you so much for sharing.

In India things are so different. I try to do my best for disadvantaged people an d the handicapped, and create awareness about our problems. The public understanding is growing .

Your life is a challenge to me. People like you are my heroes.

I was also bullied and ridiculed while growing up, but that made me very depressed and I still suffer from low self esteem.