Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Resting on the waters of God.

In one's lives, it is important how sometimes there are ugly storms out there.
I don't need to list them for we all know what they are. Just remember to feel what we feel. Even if we don't feel like it.
Remember that the stormy sea returns to normal after a while. Let the waves roll back and forth gently over your soul.

I gave these words of comfort to a friend.

Today, I felt angry when I could not fix something on one of my online applications and when i got disconnected by technical support. I returned a little calmer and realized that I could deselect something that I chose.
A trivial thing to get angry at. I have been a little negative lately Lord as I have not gotten my way sometimes.

The path has not been a smooth one during this unemployment. No ciriculum was handed to me during this awkward dance of a search for work. I did not know that there was a change in the I9 laws for proper identification cards thanks to Homeland Security this year. But these awkward turns in life are going to make me much stronger in this world.

Just as it has been for eons of time, the waves have crashed around the ocean each and every day.
Each wave uniquely different, just like snowflakes and even like our bodies. Made mostly of water. Water that shapes and nurtures and gives life to our souls.

Let the waters roll and as the hymnist has said, it is indeed well with my soul. Even as the waters billow around me at times.

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