Monday, November 15, 2010

Unfolding the path in life beautifully

Spring it is not. Autumn has arrived and is about to leave the station.
I am grateful for having passed through the heat of summer and now I am at the apex of Autumn to be supplanted with the arrival of the frigid weather of winter.
My brother already has been hit with 7 inches of snow in the midwest and I received a bit of sleet and wind and snow for the brevity of last Monday morning.

For the path that I have been on has unfolded beautifully.
I was interviewed this Sunday afternoon for the thanksgiving special of my friends show on parenting and marriage at show. I was the special guest talking on how I grew up handicapped, overcoming my initial diagnosis of having arrested hydrocephalus. It was good to recall with my friends how I overcame the many obstacles and even having a chance to explain my expertise of bowling a perfect game one Tuesday afternoon while at the Nutmeg Lanes. Sorry, for those who think I can hit 11 strikes in a row. My expertise was throwing 20 straight balls into the gutter. Bowling experts may need to apply elsewhere in obtaining someone for their shows on ESPN!

I even got to go to an inauguaral concert at one of the first local churches that our family visited. It was the inauguaral concert for the $880,000 organ that was built for their congregation. The organist commented that it replaced the toaster oven that was there before and thanked those who gave for the organ which was disposed of.

So overall, a great weekend of music and a weekend of being thankful in advance of our church's thanksgiving eve service.

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