Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Universe declares your majesty!!!!

Looking out from the video shots from the space shuttle Atlantis, I see the shots of our blue planet orbiting in space. This brings to mind the lyrics of the the song, "The universe declares your majesty.
For the universe can not recite scripture but God has given it a special language through which it can communicate God's goodness through the turning of a leaf in the wind. For it is this special language by which we are invited into the heart of God.

This is the first text that nature had back with God. For God can communicate with His creation in a variety of ways. yes, the cosmos can argue back at God with the floods and earthquakes, tornados and other disasters. But it can also respond back with glorious growth after these as well.

For whether I see a discarded snake skin on the side of the road or a budding leaf, all of it is a wonder that God created the world and included me in His plan as well. And He will return me back to dust to be part of His future creations as well!!!!

I can relate to that song , "God of Wonders" well by Chris Tomlin. For I understand and feel how he writes of how we need to celebrate the light and how we stumble in the darkness. It is easy when one starts out the day celebrating what God has done in our lives but often we stumble in the dark. Yet, we need the light to be shone on our lives. Just as the astronauts shone the light on the Hubble space telescope so its repairs could be done.

And they did so in conditions that they were not used to on a daily basis with the exception of the simulators. For we as christians face the same spots. We are called to live counter culturally as well. Yet I can celebrate with God with the way He clashes with culture as well.

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L.L. Barkat said...

I've always loved that view from space. It puts things into perspective. And is lovely, so lovely. Like earth is this little blue corner in the garden of God.