Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Opus of work

I was listening to a commencement address of President Obama at ASU. He stressed the idea of the opus of one's work. And the fact that it is never finished. The opus of any idea or work comes with the commencement of it. the word commencement stresses a beginning and also a completion too. It is a process for moving forward in a straight line- to meet some sort of objective.

I also reflect on how NASA is developing programs that will take travelers from the earth to the moon to Mars. And the lengthy journeys it will require and the stamina to develop the programs for these.

And today, the Hubble telescope is in the waiting room of the opthomologist. It is getting his drops now and will have its lenses dilated for the exam. Plenty of tight corners to peer through. And a hefty price tag. For spectacles that large cost A LOT. But the benefits for this exam will be great!!!

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