Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to the shore

Jesus is back at the shore, calling the disciples back to remembrance to where they came from.
So here are Peter and his other disciples, of whom Jesus calls them as friends.

They set out on a fishing journey that was fruitless to begin with but when Jesus directs them to cast the net on the other side of the boat, the fish fill their nets to the full without breaking any of the net. It was sturdy to hold the whole shebang together.

In the final acts of the Gospel of John, Jesus is portrayed as a servant again , acting as a hostess for the disciples. Helping them not to fear as they did prior in the open room when he appeared the second time after his resurrection. What his appearing did was allow them to see who He really was.

This may be the secret of why I am afraid to learn and be comfortable around others sometimes. I need to trust God to set out my nets. Or to try to put them on the right side of the boat. I do desire Godly friendships with women but it is with God's direction that I will reel in the biggest catch that will serve me well in my life.

Which is why Jesus placed this parable at the very end -of how the act of fishing, serving and sharing a meal under His Lordship will bring the most satisfaction in one's life. As one can travel back in time through the Gospel of John, we see Jesus as the guest at the wedding acting as a servant and Jesus at the upper room before His death washing his disciple's feet. And healing those who were around Him also.

What a fascinating and multi=faceted God we serve!!!!
And what we see and hear in scripture is the tip of the iceberg for St. John said there would not be room for everything written about Jesus. All within a three year period of productive ministry=having learned which side to throw down His nets.

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