Friday, July 04, 2008

Time to celebrate America and Onions

Good Morning America. happy 232nd birthday!!!! A good land to be part of with the free exchange of ideas both left and right.

And a day to celebrate where I got to work on the 4th of July cutting onions at Duchess Family restaurants 25 years ago to this day. A weepy job but one that celebrates those who do the mundane jobs that may not always be appreciated through time.
Yes, Ecclesiastes says there is time for weeping and times for joy.

It is a day of journeys also. Went to a friends gathering from church to celebrate the return of one of his missionary son and daughter in laws return and 5 grandchildren from China. A good time to reconnect and hear from both their parents while getting sun on my face and back while looking out at Milford Beach and Charles Island.

We are all part of God's kingdom. We have many spheres of influence that we are involved in. My friends, the Rudds, have spent many years in China on their first term. They have invested their lives in these people. And now are back to invest in the lives of those they left behind. Quick to recall who we are and of the involvement in their friends' lives. Yet, also connected to the Kingdom of God and to the building of the New jerusalem. Of those who will inhabit Heaven. It is their treasures and sacrifice that will be highlighted then.

Thank you Lord for the many Americans who have sacrificed their lives during times of war to make our land and the world safer from our enemies. For the many times right now when soldiers are behind bunkers ready to avoid the next bullet on the way or to cover for a friend for whom the bullet is heading.
Thank you Lord for the time that you covered my back for my transgressions. To cover for me when I may not give a rap about for who you are. Even though you are deep within me. I sometimes let you slip through my cracks of my soul. Forgive me.

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